Established in 2008, ATEAM is the provider of industrial products and solutions to the mining and construction sectors in Mongolia. ATEAM has closely worked with leading industrial manufacturers and became authorized distributors of 3M, AME Intl, SafetyWhips and Durst Motor & Electric Industries.

2013, we became a significant supplier of industrial products to Oyu Tolgoi, Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi and other mining and construction companies.

Our mission

We are committed to serving our customers in mining and industrial sectors with innovative and ingenious solutions to meet their toughest challenges.

Our vision

To become an important supplier and bring new developments in Mongolian mining and Industrial sectors.

Our story

" I was skimming through ads on the newspaper and I saw a tender announcement made by OT Company. I was advised to visit the company website for more details about the tender. Then I went to check the website and it was a request for quotation for one of the products that we supply. After that, I called OT to submit my quotation only to find out that our company was not registered to OT's supplier database. So I registered our company immediately via the OT website. The registration process is very simple. The most honest and transparent thing about OT is their website and newspaper ads. I can openly say that small companies have great opportunities to work with OT. "